Easter Drama Game | The Chicken and the Egg

As you may have noticed, we’re particularly into the chicken and the egg this Easter! We thought we’d continue this theme with our latest drama game!

The Chicken and the Egg is a fun way to play rock paper scissors and get your class engaged!


  • Ask your students to make pairs.
  • Both students should crouch down and put their hands over their heads like they are eggs.
  • On signal, they play rock paper scissors.
  • The winner of the pair becomes a chicken stands up with their hands on their hips and their elbows out like wings.
  • The chicken must find another chicken to play rock paper scissors with.
  • The egg must find another egg.
  • The winner of the chicken game then becomes a rooster and must stand with one hand on their head and their fingers pointing up in the air.
  • Eggs continue to find eggs to play with, chickens find chickens and roosters find roosters.
  • The winner of the rooster game becomes the Easter Bunny and must hop around shouting ‘I want carrots!’ with both hands on their head making bunny ears.
  • The first student to become the Easter Bunny is the winner.

Top tip: For the rest of the year, change the Easter Bunny to a dinosaur to keep the game relevant! 

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