Who’s the Leprechaun? | Drama Game for St Patrick’s Day

‘Who’s the Leprechaun?’ is a St. Patrick’s Day special drama game, adapted from Secret Leader.

This game helps children develop their team work and group awareness skills, as well as observation and strategy. It’s a fun way to focus your group and get them energised for the class ahead.


  • Choose one student to leave the room.
  • While the student is out of the room, choose another student to be the leprechaun.
  • Play some Irish folk music.
  • The leprechaun does an Irish jig and the rest of the students must copy their moves.
  • The student who has left the room may now reenter.
  • They must watch the group carefully and try to figure out who the leprechaun is.
  • Allow the student three guesses.
  • Once they have guessed correctly or run out of guesses, start again by choosing two different students.

Top tip: Encourage the students to follow the group instead of just the leprechaun. If they are paying attention, they should all be doing the same thing anyway.

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