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What is Silly Fish Learning?

Silly Fish Learning is a creative education resource for children aged 3-12. We aim to provide the best tips and activities for teachers and parents.

Maker’s Mondays are when we share our favourite kid’s crafts.

Teacher Tip Tuesdays are for hacks, techniques and advice.

Worksheet Wednesdays are when we add new products to our TpT Store.

Thespian Thursdays are all about drama games and activities.

and Teacher Feature Fridays are when we celebrate you, so make sure you apply to be a Featured Teacher today!


This Silly Fish Learning tells a little more about us. We offer kid's crafts, drama games, teacher tips, teacher features and worksheets.

Does Silly Fish have a particular teaching style?

Of course, all of our activities take a creative approach to the subject, but more than that we believe in learner-centred education. You’ll find that all of our activities and advice encourage the teacher to allow the students to work autonomously.

We believe that creative learning helps the students to think outside the box. We want to help develop independent, confident and collaborative young people.

In fact, we want Silly Fish Learning to be as collaborative as possible, and encourage everyone to sign-up to our site as a contributor! The more ideas the better in our book!

‘But why are you called Silly Fish?’ we hear you ask.

Our name is based on a quote attributed to Albert Einstein which reads:

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. - Albert Einstein Click To Tweet


We believe that every child is innately gifted. By exploring a variety of learning styles, every Silly Fish can discover their inner genius!

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