Cyclops | High Focus Drama Game For Sneaky Kids

We’ve got a monster themed game for you just in time for Halloween! Cyclops is a great cool down and restores calm, quiet and helps students think about their body control.


  • One student stands in the centre of the room as the Cyclops.
  • The other students are divided into two teams and must stand touching the wall at equal distance from the Cyclops.
  • Each member of the team is assigned a number.
  • The Cyclops must close their eyes and the first member of each team must try to creep towards them.
  • If the Cyclops hears a noise from either side, the student moving must return to the start and the next member of the team can begin to move.
  • If a team member reaches the Cyclops without being heard they step out and the rest of the team continue.
  • The first team to have all members reach the Cyclops receive a point.
  • Swap the Cyclops and start again.

Teacher tip: encourage students to think about core stability and control. There’s nothing more distracting than noisy feet on stage. Remind the students of this exercise and encourage them to be gentler with their feet when performing.

Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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