Classic Preschool Drama Game | Simon Says (With 100 Action Ideas!)

Simon Says is a classic game, beloved by many a young child. It’s also a super effective way to get children moving, listening and following directions. The perfect start to a preschool drama class.

You can also use it as a listening activity for TEFL students!


Say ‘Simon says (action)’ and the students must complete the specified action. If you simply ask them to complete the action without saying ‘Simon says…’ first, the students must remain still.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 actions for those moments when you’re just drawing a blank!

Classic Preschool Drama Game | Simon Says. We've compiled a list of 100 actions for those moments when you're just drawing a blank!

  1. Touch your head.
  2. Touch your toes.
  3. Wiggle your toes.
  4. Touch your nose.
  5. Touch your ears.
  6. Wiggle your fingers.
  7. Wiggle your bottom.
  8. Stick out your tongue.
  9. Touch your hips.
  10. Touch the floor.
  11. Sit down.
  12. Stand up.
  13. Jump on the spot.
  14. Touch your mouth.
  15. Run on the spot.
  16. Shake like jelly.
  17. Tickle your belly.
  18. Touch your knees.
  19. Touch your elbows.
  20. Clap your hands.
  21. Turn around.
  22. Flap like a chicken.
  23. Stand on your right leg.
  24. Stand on your left leg.
  25. Touch your cheeks.
  26. Touch your tummy.
  27. Hop on the spot.
  28. On your hands and knees.
  29. Bend your knees.
  30. Clap your knees.
  31. Pull on your ears.
  32. Thumbs up.
  33. Thumbs down.
  34. Wave your right hand.
  35. Wave your left hand.
  36. Cover your eyes.
  37. Reach to the sky.
  38. Wave both hands.
  39. Salute.
  40. Lie on your back.
  41. Lie on your stomach.
  42. Swim.
  43. Cheesy grin.
  44. Snap your fingers.
  45. Disco dance.
  46. Turn like a ballerina.
  47. Stand like Superman.
  48. Air drums.
  49. Pull a funny face.
  50. Hug yourself.
  51. Hug someone else.
  52. Shake hands.
  53. Step forward.
  54. Step backwards.
  55. Move like a robot.
  56. Freeze.
  57. Air guitar.
  58. Open your mouth wide.
  59. Scrunch up your nose.
  60. Shake your head.
  61. Look left.
  62. Look right.
  63. Air piano.
  64. Shake your left leg.
  65. Shake your right leg.
  66. Stamp your feet.
  67. Stand on your toes.
  68. Stand on your heels.
  69. Walk on the spot.
  70. Move in slow motion.
  71. Brush your teeth.
  72. Hairspray.
  73. Pat your head.
  74. Rub your tummy.
  75. Hula dance.
  76. Irish dance.
  77. Blow a kiss.
  78. Scratch your head.
  79. Scratch your nose.
  80. Shake your right arm.
  81. Shake your left arm.
  82. Open and close your mouth like a fish.
  83. Stretch out wide.
  84. Move your arms like a train.
  85. Flash your hands like a star.
  86. Step left.
  87. Step right.
  88. Crisscross your feet.
  89. Hopscotch.
  90. Star jumps.
  91. Comb your hair.
  92. Wash your face.
  93. Wave your arms like an octopus.
  94. Rub your ear like a cat.
  95. Crouch down like a ball.
  96. Chacha.
  97. Beep the horn.
  98. Boxing.
  99. Karate chops.
  100. Climb a ladder.

Please add even more action ideas in our comments section.

Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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