Pillow Race | A Speedy Drama Game to Strengthen Collaboration

The Pillow Race drama game is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. You can use it as a warm-up or to strengthen collaboration by mixing the teams for different rounds.


  • Ask the students to stand in a circle.
  • Half of the children are assigned to group A and the other half to group B.
  • The children should stand in order A, B, A, B and so on.
  • Each group gets a pillow.
  • Make sure the pillows are given to children who are approximately opposite, so that both groups have the same distance to travel.
  • When ready to start, signal both groups hand the pillow clockwise to the next person in their group.
  • The aim of the game is pass your pillow all the way around the circle before the other team.
  • Not allowed: throwing the pillow, skipping people or hindering the other group’s pillow

Top Tip

  • An easier option for preschool kids who might have trouble remembering who belongs to their team is to line each group up separately and see which group is able to pass the pillow from the back to the front most quickly.

Katharina studies culture, aesthetics and arts in Hildesheim, Germany where she puts the focus on theatre pedagogy and cultural education. Beside cultural exchange work, youth work and culture management she worked and assisted in youth theatres in Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Apart from teaching children she is also interested in projects with people who are non- German native speakers and are just about to learn the language.

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