English Through Drama Courses and Workshops

Our English Through Drama courses and workshops are completely tailored to the needs of each group. Sessions can vary in length from one hour to a full day (5 hours), and be run on a one-off or regular basis.

When planning sessions, we take both the age of the students and their English proficiency level into consideration. We use the CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) to set the basic structure of our sessions. We offer classes for all levels from pre-A1 to C2 and ages 3-18.

Classes use a range of activities to improve retention through kinaesthetic learning and contextualisation. Games and exercises range from simple action games for basic vocabulary, to storytelling activities for practising tenses. One of our favourite activities is ‘The Interview’, a drama game that requires teams to create a character while taking a closer look at sentence structure!

Ultimately, our goal is to help students engage with language in a new and enjoyable way so they can improve their understanding and confidence. While our English Through Drama sessions are all unique and tailored to the group, they all have one thing in common – they take the stress out of language learning and encourage the students to have fun!

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Why should you choose Silly Fish Learning for English Through Drama?

Silly Fish is the CLEVER choice.


Education should never be one size fits all. You need a service that is suited to your children. Silly Fish tailor each course to the needs of the individual group. Courses and workshops can be customised in structure, length and capacity to suit the needs of each group.

Lower Cost

All children should be able to express their creativity, and that’s why Silly Fish Learning aim to be accessible and affordable. Courses and workshops can be paid for by organisations or parents, with various discounts for duration, siblings and group bookings.


By tailoring our service to each group, we can more effectively engage your students and build their confidence with English. Role plays and drama games help to contextualise the subject in a way that is fun and makes sense to their real lives.


Drama education delivers value by fostering important life skills including creativity, confidence and an ability to communicate. As a bonus, quality extra-curricular activities can improve Ofsted ratings and reflect well on your organisation.


English Through Drama takes the stress out of a subject that many learners find challenging. Using language in context helps learners to retain the information more effectively while also having fun!


Silly Fish Learning’s teachers have a solid background in teaching both Drama and English, and are recognised thought leaders in creative education. We have a long list structures and processes to ensure you’re getting a consistent service when circumstances change.

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