Silly Fish Creative Workshops

One-off workshops are available in person across the UK or virtually worldwide, and can run from one hour to a full day (5 hours) in a range of different formats. All workshops are customised so you can have your say in what you want!

We also offer longer clubs and courses!

1 hour to half day (3 hours) Workshops

Session lengths available: 1 hour, 90 mins, 2 hours, 3 hours.

Fun and Games

Our sessions can simply be jam packed with drama games to get your children moving and having fun! These sessions are an ideal way to allow children to explore their creativity without the formality of putting on performances.

Subject Sessions

Do you have a particular topic you want to discuss with your children? Our subject based sessions can cover everything from bullying to maths! We use creativity to take a look at sensitive subjects or different parts of the curriculum in an engaging and stress-free way.

Theatre Skills

Are you interested in helping your children develop their theatre skills? Our 1-3 hour workshops can focus on a range of different theatre skills such as devising, improvisation, or characterisation. Ideal for budding young actors!

Full Day Workshops (5 hours)

Fun Days

Our Fun Days consist of five different workshops to give all children a chance to get involved in a bit of creativity. The sessions are a great way to get children moving, laughing and working together.

Subject Days

Subject Days are the ideal way to immerse your children in a particular topic. This may be an entire day focused on Romans or exploring the issue of gang culture. All of our workshops are customised so the possibilities are endless.

Play in a Day

Do your children really want to put on a show but you just don’t know where to start? Our Play in a Day workshops help children to devise their own short performance in a short space of time. These workshops help children explore different roles in the theatre and improve their teamwork skills while taking ownership of their work.

Drama Days

Our Drama Days include five different workshops looking at five different theatre skills. You can choose from a range of different workshops to look at things like physical theatre, musical theatre or forum theatre. A great overview of a range of drama techniques for any drama group.

If you’d like to discuss hosting a workshop at your school or centre, request a meeting: