Silly Fish Drama Clubs and Courses

Silly Fish Drama Clubs and Courses are a way for kids aged 3-12 to get creative and have fun. Our drama courses are tailored to each group and run in the community and local schools. There are four course structures available:

Option One : Devising Based Course

Our devised theatre courses allow students to create their own show, based on a subject of their choosing. During the final session of each course, family and friends are invited to attend and enjoy a short performance of the children’s work.

Option Two : Performance Based Course

During our performance course, students learn acting techniques while being directed to put on a scripted show. The length of the performance varies, depending on what can realistically be achieved in the timeframe. Students receive the script on the third week which they can use at home to practise their lines.

Option Three : Subject Based Course

Our subject based courses can be used to tackle a particular element of the curriculum, or a key issue for the group (e.g., bullying). This may or may not include a performance as agreed at the start of the course.

Option Four : Skills Based Course

Our skills-based courses explore different theatrical techniques each week. This is the only course which does not include an end of term performance as standard, but this can be included if required.

If you’d like to discuss hosting a drama club or course at your school or centre, request a meeting:

Please note that Silly Fish Drama Clubs and Courses are currently only available in Merseyside, UK. Workshops can be provided nationwide .


Why host a Silly Fish Drama Club or Course?

Silly Fish Drama Clubs are a CLEVER choice!

Silly Fish Learning Value Proposition


Education should never be one size fits all. You need a service that is suited to your school and your kids. Silly Fish tailor each course to the needs of the individual group, through consultation with teachers and/or students. Your clubs and workshops can be customised in structure, length and capacity to suit the needs of your group.

Lower Cost

All kids should be able to express their creativity, and that’s why Silly Fish Learning aim to be accessible and affordable. Courses can be paid for by the school or the parents, with various discounts for size, duration, siblings, and even free places for low-income families.


By tailoring our service to each group, we can more effectively engage your students. By ensuring that your kids feel heard and respected, we can help them gain ownership of their work. Our courses and workshops can even be used to engage kids with a particular subject or topic in a new and creative way.


By providing new and engaging ways for kids to express themselves, you’re ultimately delivering value. Drama education delivers value by fostering important life skills including creativity, responsibility and confidence. As a bonus, quality extra-curricular activities can improve Ofsted ratings and reflect well on your entire organisation.


By outsourcing your drama education to Silly Fish Learning, you’re making your job easier. You can sit back in the knowledge that your students are accessing an invaluable resource, without having to worry about staffing, scheduling and a host of other administrative issues.


Silly Fish Learning’s teachers have a strong background in delivering quality drama education and a long reputation of being thought leaders in the field. We have a long list of structures and processes that ensure you’re getting a consistent service when circumstances change.

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