Woolton Drama Club Trial Registration

Our regular drama club in Woolton Youth and Community Centre, Liverpool, runs every Wednesday from 6-7pm.

All children aged 6-11 are entitled to come along for a FREE one-hour trial session.

If your child would like to join, any subsequent classes cost £7 for your first child, or £5 for additional siblings, with a discount when paying for the entire course in advance.

Spring Term

Our Woolton Club is now closed for the Autumn Term. Children are next invited to trial sessions in January 2022.

Register for your free trial below!

Drop-in Drama

Between our performance courses, we hold Drop-in Drama sessions which are a fun way for the kids to get to know each other and have a little fun. Each session stands alone so you can pop in and out on different weeks to suit your schedule.

Cant make Wednesday? We also have sessions in Halewood on Tuesday!

Sign-up for Your FREE Trial

We need this information to ensure we have everything we need to keep your child safe during their trial session. If you decide not to enroll for regular sessions, this information will be deleted in six (6) months. You can learn more about how we store and use your information in our Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers and Data Protection Policy.

Where is the club?

Why join the Silly Fish Drama Club?

Silly Fish Drama Clubs are CLEVER.


At Silly Fish, we understand that no two children are the same, and not all classes have the same dynamics. All of our drama groups are tailored to the children’s individual needs to ensure they’re getting the most from their exeprience.

Lower Cost

Cost should never be a barrier for children when expressing their creativity. That’s why we work hard to ensure we’re reasonably priced and offer discounts for siblings and advanced booking.


By tailoring our classes to the needs of each group, we can ensure that your children are engaged in the activity. If there are any particular issues affecting the group, we provide a safe space for them to discuss and explore their feelings, and engage with them in a positive way.


Drama education has tremendous value by helping your children explore their creativity and express themselves more effectively. Our classes foster important life skills such a confidence, responsibility and team work.


Kid’s don’t need any extra pressure these days! Our classes provide a fun and flexible way for children to develop their skills at a pace and level suited to them.


Silly Fish Learning have been globally recognised thought-leaders in drama and creative education since 2017. All of our team members have a strong background in drama teaching and working with children.