Dude! | Drama Cool Down Game for the Coolest Dudes

Dude is a really simple drama game to bring energy levels down. Until very recently, I was unaware that this it had a name. I’m glad to have learned it from a colleague as the call of, ‘Dude!’ adds an interesting new element.

This game is safe to play while social distancing!

COVID-19 Update!
Try to ensure your students stay two metres apart for this game. Why not try staggering the lines to give the students more space.


  • Stand students in two lines facing each other (a circle works fine if you prefer).
  • When the teacher says, ‘down’ students should look at their feet.
  • When the teacher says, ‘up’ students should raise their heads and look directly at another person.
  • If the other person is also looking at them (making eye contact) both players must say ‘dude!’ in their best surfer-dude voices.
  • Theses two players are then eliminated.
  • Repeat these steps until only two players remain.

Top tips:

  • Encourage the students to say ‘dude!’ with different emotions to build on their vocal expression.
  • Keep a close eye on the students to ensure no one is cheating and looking away instead of saying, ‘dude!’. This drama game works best when students are honest.
  • If you have an assistant, stand the students in two lines and monitor one line each to ensure no one is cheating.

Have a moo off

If your kiddos aren’t happy having two winners, one way that we select the ultimate winner is by having a moo off. In a moo off, the final two students get down on all fours facing each other. They take it in turns to moo like a cow and the first player to laugh is eliminated. This is just as much fun for the audience as the players.

Need help keeping your students socially distant? Try marking a space using the following:

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Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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