Drama Movement Game | Musical Statues

In the first week of Silly Fish Learning’s first birthday month, we’re looking at a classic party game. Musical Statues is a fan favorite at parties, but is also a useful classroom tool to burn energy and help children focus.

COVID-19 Update!
To make this game safe for children while social distancing, mark a space on the floor for the children to dance in. By asking them to stay on their spot you can ensure they are socially distant!


  • Have the children find a dance space in the room.
  • When the music plays, the children must dance.
  • When the music stops, they must freeze like a statue.
  • If you see a child moving when there is no music playing, they are eliminated.
  • Keep going until only one child remains.
  • For an extra challenge, pick a theme for the statues (e.g. animals) or ask the children to dance a certain way (e.g. ballet).

If you’re a drama teacher, Musical Marks is a great directing tool developed from this game.

Mark a space to keep your students socially distant (without damaging your floor)

Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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