Good Afternoon | Vocal Warm Up Drama Game for Funny Characters

Lately I’ve become more and more interested in vocal warmups for children. This super simple drama game helps students to start thinking about vocal characterisation and expression. The Good Afternoon vocal drama game is a fun activity that can be played while social distancing or teaching virtually.

COVID-19 Update!
This game can be played easily while keeping your children two metres apart. It’s a perfect circle game for social distancing.


  • Ask your class for a volunteer.
  • The volunteer sits in the centre of the room with their eyes closed.
  • The rest of the class should walk around the room in all directions.
  • The teacher then points to one of the walking students who should say ‘good afternoon’ in an unusual voice.
  • The student in the centre has to try to guess which student spoke.
  • Change the student in the centre and start again.

Top tips:

  • Set themes eg. pitch, character, emotion.
  • If you are working with emotion, ask the central child to guess both the speaker and the emotion.
  • Ask the students to give feedback on the voices they hear.

Similar to Boom Chicka Boom, this game is a great way to start exploring the voice.

Virtual Instructions

If you’re playing this game virtually you’ll need to make a slight adjustment.

The listening student should still close their eyes but when choosing who will speak, use the chat function on your chosen platform and send a private message to the child who should speak.

This takes the game out of the running for very small children unless they have an adult with them at home who can read the message telling them that they have been chosen.

Need help keeping your students socially distant? Try marking a space using the following:

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Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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