Drama Team Game – Bing, Bang, Bong!
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Silly Fish creator, Rebecca Humphries is heading back to Prague today to visit the students of Prague Youth Theatre (PYT). While there she will help the Juniors rehearse their original Silly Fish musical script which will be performed in June. She’ll also be working with the Seniors and Advanced, the latter of which are performing at the Class in Action theatre festival this weekend. In celebration we thought we’d share this excellent game, taught to us by PYT’s Artistic Director, Adam Stewart.


Large green giants feet. Giants defeat elves by stepping on them in bing, bang. bong.
Watch out elves!
  • Divide the students into two teams.
  • Each team must decide together if they will be elves, wizards or giants.
  • Elves stretch their hand out in a tickling gesture and say ‘Diddle, diddle, diddle.’
  • Wizards mime zapping the other team and say ‘Alakazam, alakazam, alakazam.’
  • Giants stomp their feet and say ‘Fee fi fo fum.’
  • This game is similar to rock paper scissors.
  • Elves defeat wizards by tickling their beards.
  • Wizards defeat giants by turning them into a frog.
  • Giants defeat elves by stomping on them.
  • After choosing which they will be, the teams line up facing one another.
  • When signaled, the teams take three steps towards each other shouting ‘Bing, bang, bong!’
  • After the third step they must make their chosen noise and gesture.
  • The winning team gets a point and the teams regroup to choose their next character.
  • If both teams use the same character they must walk away from each other wagging their fingers and saying, ‘Bother, bother, bother.’ In this instance, neither team receives a point.
  • If a team is showing mixed characters they are disqualified for the round and the other team receives the point.
  • Continue playing for a specified number of rounds, e.g. first to three points is the winner.

Top tip: This game encourages teamwork but can also be a great introduction to characterisation. Offer a bonus point to the team who portray their characters with the most conviction.

Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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