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This week’s craft is super quick and easy and requires minimal materials! Paper folded fish is a five-minute craft for all ages, with amazing results!

It can be a bit fiddly so it’s a great way for younger kids to work on their motor skills!

Follow our picture instructions:

You will need scissors, coloured paper, glue and a pen to decorate.
Trim one end so it is curved and the other so it is pointed, with the longest edge along the fold.
Add an eye to either side of the fold, near the curved edge. You can add any additional decoration at this point too.
Fold the paper in half down the length. If you would like smaller fish, cut smaller rectangles first.
Cut lines up from the pointed edge. Be sure to cut equal strips on either side and along the fold. Cut more than half way up.
Begin folding and sticking the tail strips across each other. How low you glue the strips determins the shape of the tail. Be sure to check how the tips are lining up before you stick to create the desired effect.

Do you need materials? Why not use these?

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Kid's Craft | Paper Folded Fish | A quick paper craft from Silly Fish Learning

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