Who’s the Leprechaun? | St Patrick’s Day Drama Game Strong Ensembles

‘Who’s the Leprechaun?’ is a St. Patrick’s Day special drama game, adapted from Secret Leader.

This game helps children develop their teamwork and group awareness skills, as well as observation and strategy. It’s a fun way to focus your group and get them energised for the class ahead.

This game can also be played safely while social distancing or can be played virtually.

COVID-19 Update!
To ensure the children stay socially distant, mark a space for them to dance, two metres away from anyone else.


  • Choose one student to leave the room.
  • While the student is out of the room, choose another student to be the leprechaun.
  • Play some Irish folk music (you can just play our Paper Shamrock craft video).
  • The leprechaun does an Irish jig and the rest of the students must copy their moves.
  • The student who has left the room may now reenter.
  • They must watch the group carefully and try to figure out who the leprechaun is.
  • Allow the student three guesses.
  • Once they have guessed correctly or run out of guesses, start again by choosing two different students.

Top tip: Encourage the students to follow the group instead of just the leprechaun. If they are paying attention, they should all be doing the same thing anyway.

Need help keeping your students socially distant? Try marking a space using the following:

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Rebecca is the founder and chief executive officer of Silly Fish Learning Ltd. She is a children's playwright with a vast and varied career in education, primarily teaching drama and English.

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